Dhaba Food Festival Karachi 2019 Beach luxury hotel


Dhaba Food Festival Karachi 2019 Beach luxury hotel

dhabha food festival

Dhaba food festival


Dhaba food festival with basant  organized by Event crafter at beach luxury hotel Karachi on 6th and 7th APR sat sun in the events including lots of theme basant, kite flying, boat riding, photography, face painting desi food item, and musical concert with famous singers . thy are showing Pakistani culture and modern







Eop open mic

Eop open mic presenting by EventsofPakistan.com

open mic






Organizing this event on the behalf of Events of Pakistan
There js a website and also a YouTube channel of Events Of Pakistan We are giving opportunity to these people who wants to show their skills through adding open mic People were also saying to organize such kind of events This is the platform for the talented people. will be taken and this event will be a video shoot and promotion will be provided you all without fee


DD Duathlon 2019 Karachi


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First time in Pakistan the athlete event management  company bikestan  organize the event DD Duathlon in Karachi Pakistan. dual event athlete and bicycle rally at see view lots of people participating including male female children  senior citizen and forgers

Eventsopakistan.com unconstrained cover this event by video and photography.

Photography of this event




International public art festival 2019 karachi KPT

Internationalamkarachi arts festival karachi iak ipaf i am karachi 2019 publicartfestival kptbulding internationalpublicartsfestibal2019karachi pakistani vlogger events of pakistan babar ali aamir raza events in karachi events in pakistan happnies in pakistan< public art festival (KPT) is organising the International Public Arts Festival (IPAF) that will open on14th 15 and 16th march. In the three-day event, the people will not only be able to view artworks and also explore the over 100-year-old KPT building. inside of building mini photo gallery also with navy art.


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